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Electricity Suppliers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts energy was deregulated in the 1990s. That means that consumers had other options than to buy energy from the utility. Generation companies that produce electricity could sell it to the suppliers, who further deliver it to consumers. There were different electric companies and suppliers, and all offered different deals and energy rates. By comparing those energy rates, consumers could opt for the providers that offered the best deals. The main purpose of deregulation was to introduce competition in the energy market. As the competition between the suppliers grew, the companies had to come up with ways to attract more customers, which led them to offering energy at cheaper, reasonable prices.

Before deregulation, all residents in Massachusetts had no other option than to receive their energy supply from the utility. Deregulation of electricity has changed a lot for the consumers as well as for the energy market of Massachusetts. There is a lot more competition in the market. Since then, energy rates in Massachusetts have greatly changed. Different energy companies offer a variety of electric supply deals that vary according to price, energy type (renewable or non-renewable) and the technology type. Since residents of Massachusetts now have the power to choose who supply their electricity supply, they can keep in mind all of these factors while choosing their electricity supplier.

In order to sell energy to the consumers, the electricity suppliers had to be approved by the state first. They could then sell it to the customers, which included both residential customers as well as business customers. Some of these suppliers offer cheap, 100% renewable energy. Renewable energy not just offers significant public health benefits, but it also has a lot of economic benefits for the state. By opting for those electricity suppliers, consumers have the choice to support companies that encourage green energy, like solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Consumers still have the option to purchase electricity from the utility if they want, but by making an independent decision and choosing a different energy supplier, they have more control over their electricity bills and energy plans.

Since Massachusetts energy consumers now have the power to make these decisions, this allows them to make the smart, right choice for them and the environment. It also allows them to save money on their electricity bills and choose the supplier that offers them the best deals and rates. 

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Massachusetts