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Electricity Suppliers in Maryland

Like many states in the United States, Maryland allows its residents to choose their electricity suppliers. This was made possible after a deregulation bill passes by the Maryland General Assembly in 1999. This bill was called the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999. Before deregulation, residents of Maryland had no other option then to buy electricity from the utility. The deregulation act greatly changed things. The main purpose of deregulation of electricity supply was to increase the competition in the energy market. It allowed more companies to sell energy to the consumers. Since they all wanted more customers, they offered cheaper and cheaper electricity rates. This increasing competition between the suppliers resulted in the electricity rates going down by a large number. To sell electricity to consumers in Maryland, all electric companies and suppliers need to be certified by the Maryland Public Service Commission (MdPSC). They must also be registered with the local utility.

The competition between the electricity suppliers has not just lowered the electricity rates in Maryland but there has also been a large shift to using more renewable resources as a way to produce energy. Renewable sources are sustainable; they do not run out. In order to bring in more customers, suppliers also offer plans that are attractive and environmentally friendly. Some of the suppliers offer 100% renewable energy. Some suppliers have also shifted to using green energy. Green energy is energy that comes from natural sources such as sunlight, heat, geothermal heat etc. Unlike most fossil fuels, they do not damage the environment and they do not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion. Using natural resources to generate electricity not just offers health benefits for the public, but it also brings various economic benefits for states.

As a Maryland resident, you have the right to decide which energy provider you want to choose for your electricity needs. By choosing the right electricity provider, consumers can notice a great amount of difference to their electricity bills. They may not just be able to save money on electricity bills by, but if they choose to opt for an energy supplier that uses renewable energy as a resource for electricity production, they can also contribute in helping to keep the environment clean. Residents can still choose to buy electricity from the utility, but by choosing a different energy provider, consumers can, keeping in mind different factors, choose the right energy plan for them.

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Maryland