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Electricity Suppliers in Illinois

Before 1997, Illinois and the residents of Illinois were paying some of the highest prices for electricity in the entire United States. What changed in 1997 was a state law that was passed i.e. “The Illinois electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law.” To say that this law astronomically benefited the residents of Illinois would be doing it no justice. This law essentially needed up breaking the existing monopoly of the two biggest companies that were operating within the state of Illinois at the time: Ameren Illinois Utilities and Commonwealth Edison Co. This law also ended up reducing the price of electricity by a shocking 20 percent: a rate which was then frozen for the next 10 years.

How this came about was more of a journey than an overnight policy. After this law was passed in 1997, law makes of Illinois started doing their part to separate supply related services from the major utilities. It wasn’t until 2002 that commercial enterprises and entities were able to benefit from this law by choosing their own energy supplier in the state. Small businesses and residential customers who could not, in 2002, choose their own supplier had to benefit from the lowered rates instead. Eventually the state of Illinois passed the ‘Retail Competition Act’ to help both residential consumers as well as smaller businesses who could not benefit from deregulation in the beginning.

Reports have stated that this sort of deregulation has actually ended up saving consumers over $37 billion in just 16 years. That amount is incredibly hefty and shows just how important policies such as deregulation truly are. The same report that announced that the consumers have saved over $37 billion in 16 years also stated that the average household ended up saving over $2000 annually on their electricity bills. For one household to save that amount of money is a huge indication of the high electricity rates that residents of Illinois had to pay before this law was passed. While Illinois had the 13th highest electricity prices in USA in 1998, in 2013 they were among the 10 lowest priced electricity states.

 This switching, while seeming so difficult initially, is actually incredibly easy. It can generally be completed within one or two billing cycles which means it is hassle free for the consumer, and takes a lot less time than would be generally expected. This is because the utility essentially still provides the billing, the infrastructure and the delivering power services, but the consumers still enjoy electricity fro the provider they choose.  

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List of Electricity Suppliers in Illinois