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Electricity Suppliers in Connecticut

Since 1998, the state of Connecticut has switched from to a deregulated energy policy plan. It meant that unlike before, consumers could now choose their electricity provider and did not just have the choice to buy it from the utility. The purpose of deregulating energy was to create competition in the energy market. It was a successful step; the deregulated market was more successful and resulted in millions of dollars of savings.

Before deregulation, the energy rates were very high. The increasing competition in the energy market resulted in the suppliers offering energy at cheaper, more reasonable prices. This was a way to bring in more customers; the cheaper their deals, the more customers they will have. This meant that they had to energy at a lower rate, and hence some of the suppliers shifted to using 100% renewable energy. Using renewable energy has a huge list of advantages; since the sources are sustainable, they will never run out. Unlike fossil fuels, they don’t contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or air pollution. They have great health benefits and they also bring economic benefits for the state. Generating electricity from renewable energy offers significant public health benefits.

Residents of Connecticut still have the choice to buy electricity from the utility. However shifting to a new energy supplier can bring a lot of benefits. For one, they would be able to save a lot of money on their electricity bills. They can compare the deals and rates offered by different electricity companies, and opt for the one that best suits their needs. Since there is no fee to switch to a new energy supplier, it was easy to do that and encouraged more consumers to choose a new electricity provider. There is also no interruption in the service. The only difference that came with choosing a different supplier was the lower rates.

There are a lot of competitive suppliers in the Connecticut energy market. They all provide different rates to choose from and will help the consumers lower their electricity bill. They have various energy plans, which allow the consumers to generation method of the electricity they are using. By comparing the deals offered by different electricity suppliers, residents of Connecticut can choose the right energy plan for them and opt for the deals that best suits their budget, and can take advantage of lower electricity bills.



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List of Electricity Suppliers in Connecticut